At the risk of tempting porn advertisers, I can’t help but address a recent press release that announces Female Cheaters Favour Racket Sports.

According to a survey conducted on, a web property that proudly proclaims itself as “the UK’s largest extramarital site,” women who claim to cheat on their spouses like playing and watching tennis more than almost anything else.

I’m not sure exactly what to make of this, especially as my lovely wife also plays tennis [gasp].

Looking at that list though, it looks to me like women who cheat are interested in pretty much the same things as women who don’t cheat. I mean, I’m not sure what the “Ladies Who Don’t Cheat” interest list would look like, but I’d wager it would be 90-98% identical.

The more interesting study would be to find out how many women who play tennis at your club have also cheated on their spouse … and what are their names 🙂

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