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I’ve been a little under the weather this holiday season and as a result have become more intimate with the television – along with the toilet.

The other day I happened to catch the end of the Powershares event in NYC. After watching Rafter dispatch of Sampras, I then watched the entire Rafter/McEnroe match. A few takeaways:

  • Rafter has the exact right attitude for these events. After defeating McEnroe he was asked by the far-too-serious announcer if this second Powershares tournament victory in a row gave him confidence that his game was coming along. Rafter’s reply was something like, ‘I don’t really care how my game is coming along, we’re all old and this is just for fun.’
  • Though I agree with Rafter’s attitude, I don’t really care to watch these events myself and would certainly never pay to attend one. Frankly, I’d rather watch a 3.5 match where both players really care about winning than pay a couple of old pros to humor me for a couple of hours. It does make me wonder though, could a Senior’s tour work in tennis? I’m talking about a truly competitive tour, possibly played right alongside the regular tour – but with fewer events. If you could get some of the big name players to play I’d watch it.
  • I loved McEnroe as a kid. Loved his competitive spirit, loved his attitude, and just loved the way he played. Today I really like McEnroe as an announcer. What I don’t like though is his schtick on the court in these senior events. We all know he’s just putting on “The McEnroe” show for the crowd – no one can get that angry about an out call in a senior event – and the bit has definitely reached the point of saturation. C’mon Mac, lighten up and have some fun on the court. No one will be disappointed that they didn’t see a classic Mac meltdown and in fact, those of us still watching you play will like you the more for it.

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