Crack Tennis Court Black Evinston
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Some public tennis courts in Brooklyn, 15 to be exact, desperately need repairs – and according to the councilman who represents the area, the cost to repair these courts is $3.75 MILLION.

Can that possibly be correct? Does it really cost that much to repair 15 tennis courts?

My exhaustive research on the topic (consisting of about five minutes of searching on Google) uncovered that a hard court probably runs anywhere from $30,000-$60,000 to install. Let’s assume they want nothing but the best in Marine Park in Brooklyn, and opt for the $60K courts…

And then let’s double that to $120K for good measure…

Let’s see, 15 brand spanking new courts at $120K apiece to install from scratch would run $1.8 million.

Now, it’s certainly possible that removing the courts that are there now might be an additional expense, but heck, we’ve already doubled the high-end cost so how could the price soar to more than double $1.8 million? Does Brooklyn have a policy of only awarding contracts to the highest bidder?

Someone, please explain this to me in the comments section below. Is the city of Brooklyn getting ripped off, or is a cost of $250,000 per tennis court a fair price to pay?

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