I have a hunch.

My hunch is that many of us club players might be unknowingly playing and practicing on courts adjacent to former touring tennis pros.

No, I don’t think Sampras and Agassi are dressing up in disguises to play at the club. But what if the guy or girl who was ranked #173 in the world in 1991 were conducting a clinic on the court next to you. Would you recognize him/her as a former tour player? Would you ask?

This article in the Wall Street Journal about retired tennis pros got me thinking about this, though I’ve long wondered about some of the older pros at my club. Rumor has it one of the pros at our club might have played a couple of doubles matches on tour back in the day, and another might have been a nationally ranked junior – but for whatever reason I’ve never thought to ask either about their past.

Odds are several former tour players are teaching at clubs and/or schools throughout the country. Until recently, Brian Baker was teaching at a college. And I just happened to notice that Zina Garrison served as the Director of Tennis Programming at the Green Spring Racquet Club in Baltimore, MD.

Comment below if there is a former touring pro at your club?


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