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While most cities and small towns struggle to find revenues in these tough economic times, Ridgeland, MS rakes in the dough from tennis.

According to a co-director of the Ridgeland Tennis Center, Susan Toler, thanks to tournaments and local players booking court time, the tennis center accounted for nearly $1 million in revenue for the city in 2011.

Based on Google maps, it looks like the tennis center has 12 hard courts and five clay courts. With that many courts, and due to its location in a warm-weather climate the center is a good candidate for a number of major tournaments each year.

The cost to build the Ridgeland Tennis Center is conspicuously absent in the article. One can only assume the cost was significant though, which is probably why the co-director is presenting this revenue report to the Mayor in the first place.

Still, it’s an interesting article, and compelling evidence for other communities that might be considering building a top-of-the-line tennis center of their own.

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