I’m sure Scott Riley is a respected journalist, but he’s also evidently the kind of guy who would remind you your hair is turning grey after your spouse has served you with divorce papers.

Seriously, who peed in your coffee Scott? Is your article wrong? No, but it’s difficult to understand where the motivation came from to write it.

Perhaps Scott’s just had enough of hearing how there are no more up-and-coming American tennis players and decided to turn it around on Serbia and see how they like it. Take that Serbians.

Oh sure, you have Djokovic. But your women – they suck.

What this article does demonstrate, in a roundabout way, is how international the sport really has become. No longer it seems will any country be able to dominate the rankings. There are just too many great players coming up the ranks. If a country does produce two or three all-stars all at once, it’s a sure bet that success will be fleeting and the sudden plethora of talent is not a signal that the country is destined to continue producing tennis stars for years to come.

Thanks for the article Scott. I must say, I kid, but I do enjoy your kick-em-when-they’re-down style.

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