Legends' Thophy
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I know, I know – there are no shortage of tennis camps available for both adults and juniors. But I’m here to tell you there is still one missing, The Mansour Bahrami Tennis Camp for Adults.

At 56 years of age, Bahrami is still wowing crowds and still making shots no one else in the history of tennis have been able to pull off. But he is 56-years-old and you have to start to wonder how much longer will he be able to do this.

Perhaps another 10-15 years if he were to slow down on his travel, take it a little easier on his body, and teach club players his unique approach to the game.

While he probably shouldn’t be teaching juniors who are serious about their games and going pro, we club players could learn a lot from this guy. Anyone who has ever seen him play in person knows that he is more than a trick shot artist on the court. Bahrami is a legitimately good player who just so happens to love hamming it up and hitting trick shots.

What could you learn in a weekend at a Bahrami camp? I’d like to learn how he volleys so consistently with such minimal apparent effort? What does he focus on to read the opponent’s shots? How does he practice?

Please Mansour, consider opening a tennis camp for adults.

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