Call me naive, out-of-touch, ignorant, or just plain stupid but, until today – just about five minutes ago to be exact – I didn’t know mixed doubles was only played at the professional level at the Grand Slam events.

Oh, and they play it once a year at something called the Hopman Cup … I might have heard of it but couldn’t really tell you what it is.

I learned this while reading a story about mixed doubles being added to the 2012 Olympics.

I suppose I get it. It’s a bit of an odd combination anyway, seeing as how it requires a mixture of players from two different tour organizations (ATP and WTA) to play together, and it’s likely the least lucrative and least popular among fans. Still, this was a surprising “discovery” to me.

And building on my last post, talk about a missed marketing opportunity. Just think of the stories if mixed was a regular event. Are partners A & B romantically involved? Is a partnership breakup also a romantic breakup? And when partners that have broken up unite with new partners, what does it all mean on a personal level?

Hell, mixed could become more popular than singles.

Ah well, I guess the world might not be ready for regular mixed play … not yet anyway.

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