Assorted tennis items/stories you might have missed:

Tennis sometimes gets a bad rap as a country club sport – a sport reserved for the wealthy – despite it actually being one of the less expensive sports to pick up. And now it seems we can finally put that old bromide to rest. Really, how many “country club” sports are played in prison?

Still not convinced the demographic for tennis extends beyond gated communities? Turns out members of the military are quite welcome to pick up a racquet and stroke a few as well. And if those tennis playing military folks happen to live in Virginia they just might be lucky enough to get lessons from a former world #1 player and U.S. Open and Wimbledon champion.

Of course, there is still some tennis being played at clubs – tennis clubs that is. And one such club, the Chippewa Club in Ypsilanti Township near Ann Arbor, MI, is experiencing such an increase in tennis interest that it’s looking to add two new courts.

Speaking of tennis clubs, I want to end with this remarkable story about the Ashland Tennis & Fitness Club located somewhere in Oregon I believe. These tennis club members, and especially the club manager Justine Bowen-Jones, are living proof that tennis is about much more than hitting a bouncy yellow ball over a net. To be a tennis player is to enjoy a lifestyle, to be part of a community, and to have friendships that will last a lifetime.

And that’s something money can’t buy – not that you need a lot of it to play tennis 🙂

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