Why isn’t “The Real Dads of the WTA” a reality show yet?

The first question that comes to mind when you read this story about a Mihai Barbat, father and coach of Karen Barbat – a 19-yr-old Danish player ranked somewhere around 500th in the world by the WTA, is, why isn’t “The Real Dads of the WTA” a reality show yet?

I’d watch it.

Seriously, what gets into some parents? Some say that tennis parents are the worst when it comes to poor sportsmanship, though I still say that until a tennis parent hires a hit on an opponent, that cheerleading mom in Texas still takes the prize for worst parent ever.

The fact that Barbat attacked another player (a female player) is inconsequential of course, as attacking anyone is unjustified. One has to wonder though if the event would have made the news had he not attacked a WTA player.

If anyone in Hollywood is reading this, please get your cameras on the scene and I’ll eagerly review the upcoming television lineup. I can envision an episode cliffhanger now – Barbat and daughter driving frantically toward the Dutch border – cut to police setting up road block – and finally cut to scene in hospital with friends and family comforting Tamaela and vowing revenge.

And could you imagine the reunion episode 🙂

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