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Serena Williams lost her first round match at the French Open and if you’re a fan of Serena, or American tennis generally, you’re certainly feeling the disappointment. And one can only imagine the disappointment Serena must be feeling.

At her post match press conference, the sadness in her posture and words was evident. This was clearly a tough loss to stomach. She had been playing well lately and surely had high expectations, as did her fans.

But she made one comment that I think was truly profound and should be tattooed into the memory of every tennis player – nay, every person who has ever suffered a sporting loss.

“I’m not happy, by no means,” Serena said. “I just always think things can be worse.”

Now, I’m not big fan of the way Serena typically handles herself in press conferences after a loss, and she didn’t paint the perfect picture of a good sport in this one either. But that one comment is really insightful and is something we’d all be well advised to remember when we’re down in the dumps after a failed effort on the tennis court.

Things could always be worse.

Trite? Sure, maybe a bit. But what’s a tennis loss in the big scheme of things.

It can be easy to forget how good we have it – and it’s particularly easy to lose perspective immediately after suffering a humiliating loss.

Keep Serena’s words in mind after your next loss, then put the pain behind you and begin preparing for your next fun match.

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