My wife and I visited Wimbledon a few years ago. It was during the fall and there was no tournament going on, but it was still a one-of-a-kind experience.

In fact, I think visiting the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club when no event is taking place might be even better than attending the Wimbledon Championships. Touring the facilities with no crowd, no noise, under pristine conditions – it was an experience we won’t forget.

Having said that, we would still very much like to visit while the Grand Slam is taking place, for comparison purposes – and because it would just be a hoot.

Won’t be this year though, as the tournament has started and we are busy at work.

I liked this article about Stacey Allaster, head of the WTA though, and her description of her feelings about Wimbledon – both the event and the grounds. Not having heard of Allaster before reading this article, I was struck by her mixture of passion and smarts. I’m personally not a fan of on-court coaching, which was evidently her idea, but I can’t blame her for trying to add something new to the game. You never know unless you try.

And if she has really increased women’s earnings by 40 percent, well, that is deserving of a round of applause.

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