About a year or so ago a tennis friend told me about GlobalTennisNetwork.com. I had created a site for tennis players at my club who needed to find a sub for a match, and this friend thought I’d be interested to see how GTN worked.

I gave it a quick look at the time, but frankly my impression was that it looked similar to many other sites that had tried and failed in the arena of helping players find matches and/or create their own leagues.

Fast forward one year. I’m at the local public courts and am invited by a group of gentleman to join them for some doubles. After the match we exchange business cards and agree to get together again.

The next day an email arrives in my inbox – I’ve been added to a league as an unregistered member on GTN.

Now that is a very interesting component to the site in my opinion, and it’s one where so many other sites have failed. We all stumble across sites like this from time to time, but then we forget about them and never return. Adding an email notification system is in my opinion a huge plus for GTN.

Looking around a second time, there appear to be about 23,000 members registered on the site now – a healthy number indeed. Certainly a significant portion of those aren’t active, but even if only 25 percent are active that’s a bigger number than I’ve seen on any other tennis league/player matching site.

On the down side, I don’t like that scores can be entered without requiring verification from every participant in the match. The reasoning behind this makes perfect sense, as from a programming and logistical perspective that would be a nightmare, but it’s problematic nevertheless. In fact, if my recollection of the match is correct, the scores entered for the impromptu match I participated in were entered incorrectly. No big deal in the big scheme of things, but it’s enough to turn many players off.

Still, GTN looks promising and it’s worth keeping an eye on. It has a long way to go to truly claim success, but might have the potential to be the Meetup.com of the tennis world.

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