Good news for Colorado tennis players (of which I am one 🙂 ).

The Rocky Mountain Tennis Center will feature 25 courts, eight clay courts. The $12 million private club is being built in Louisville, part way between Denver and Boulder.

Interestingly if you read my previous post, former pro player Alexandra Stevenson is the club’s “ambassador”.

Stevenson and Duke Paluch, the club’s executive director seem to think the clay courts will be a big draw for up-and-coming juniors who want to gain experience playing on the same surface all the Europeans and South Americans grow up playing on. Stevenson also thinks the high altitude will attract these players – something I highly doubt, as the pros are notorious for not wanting to play at altitude.

I don’t share their hopes of attracting top notch players to the region to train, but I do think the facility is great for the region if only because Colorado seems to have more players than courts at the moment. Lifetime Fitness has recently begun opening new facilities in Denver and Colorado Springs, and seem to overfill them as quickly as they can build them. And rules regarding USTA District tournaments have had to change to shorten matches and reduce the number of teams that can qualify as the Denver area currently doesn’t have enough courts to support the growth of tennis in the region.

So bring on more courts I say – we Colorado players will certainly use them.

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