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Gift shopping for a tennis player is tough for a non-tennis player. I’ve received numerous well-intentioned gifts over the years that, to put it plainly, could best be described as bizarre. Tennis-themed pens, clocks, coffee mugs – you name it. It’s as if my friends think that because I play tennis I also like everything I own and use to have some sort of tennis insignia.

But I can’t really blame them. I mean, what does make a good gift for a tennis player?

Here are a few gift ideas that might help someone with a tennis player on his/her list this year:

Vibration dampeners

Most recreational tennis players use a vibration dampener on their racquet, and most non-tennis players have no idea what a vibration dampener is, where to get one, or how inexpensive they are to purchase. These are an ideal gift idea for a secret Santa situation, or in any case where you really don’t want to spend more than $5-10. There are no shortage of designs you can find via an online search, but I really like these “Hope” dampeners from – and they’re currently on closeout sale for just $2.50, and Wilson donates $1 of that to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Mini Towel

It might seem weird to someone who doesn’t play tennis, but the gift of a little towel would be welcomed most appreciatively. A lot of us keep one in our bags, and if we don’t we certainly would if we received one as a gift. You can find a variety available on, and Hint: while they are basically just dish-size towels, don’t try to substitute an actual dish towel, as it just isn’t done 🙂

Net Checker

Another inexpensive, throw-in-the-bag type gift for the tennis player is a net height checker. Nets get loose, or sometimes the previous players on a court tighten them to tightly, making them lower than regulation height (thus easier to hit a ball over). A handy dandy net checker and a minor adjustment, and the net can be brought back to regulation quickly and easily. This is another good gift idea for a secret Santa situation.


Usually considered a really bad gift idea, a good pair of socks (or better yet, multiple pairs in different styles) can be a great gift for a tennis player. We’re not talking just any socks here. You really need to shop for them at one of the online tennis stores. Also, consider getting three different pairs – that way the player can try them and buy more of whichever he/she likes best.

Those are a few gift ideas that the tennis player on your list will really appreciate.

Tennis players who are reading this: what would you add to this list?

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