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Tennis emerging from the darkness of the The Great Recessionloop_oh / Foter

The Great Recession hit the tennis playing community pretty hard. After years of increasing participation, the last couple of years have seen participation rates flatten and maybe even decline a little. And anyone who plays tennis regularly can probably point to more than a few local courts that have fallen into extreme disrepair due to lack of funds.

But things might be turning around now.

Based on numerous articles found across the interwebs I’ve learned that more and more city leaders, resort developers and local club owners are considering plans to repair and build new tennis courts so as to take full advantage of current exceptionally low interest rates on loans.

Assuming banks are willing to start opening up the lending spiggots, the timing probably couldn’t be better. By most accounts, the U.S. economy is on the upswing again, which likely means tennis participation rates will start rising again. But the economy hasn’t swung up enough yet to begin pushing interest rates higher, so anyone looking to build has a short window of opportunity to get funding at what promises to be rates that will likely not be seen again in most of our lifetimes.

As tennis players, we can only hope that this trend continues to play out. Who knows, the Great Recession might just lead us into the next Great Tennis Boom in the U.S.

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