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Assorted tennis items/stories you might have missed:

Ok, this is starting to get serious. Is tennis in jeopardy of falling behind Pickleball in overall popularity? I don’t think we’re quite there yet, but I do know that in a local park in Colorado Springs three of five courts are taken up by Pickleballers every Saturday morning – and the other two courts are unplayable.

To bad I don’t live in Lone Tree, CO., where they just spent $700K on new courts (and a bridge and a trail ). I guess in some areas of the country at least we are officially beyond the recession.

And here’s a nice story I ran across about a tennis club in Crystal Lake, IL. celebrating it’s 40th anniversary. The Crystal Lake Racket Club was founded during the tennis boom years in the 1970’s, and has been able to remain successful and profitable for it’s entire existence. Here’s to another great 40 years.

In another blow to Pickleball’s aspirations of dominance, it seems tennis is quite popular with kids in Georgia. Get ’em when they’re young – always a good strategy.

And finally, you might have missed that Venus beat Serena in straight sets recently. Ok it was only an exhibition match, but when considered in combination with Venus’s other recent results I think it bodes well for Williams sister domination in 2013, and maybe even more years to come.

At least until they progress to Pickleball.

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