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Tennis officials are getting some heat about allowing too much time between points, and are openly addressing the concern … but don’t count on shorter matches anytime soon.

While some, including the tennis commentators on ESPN, are calling for stricter time allowance enforcement between points, it simply isn’t likely to happen.

Why? Two reasons.

  1. Many of the current top players won’t support this move.
  2. And more importantly, given enough public criticism the issue will resolve itself in short order.

Like kids rebelling against parents, up-and-coming tennis players watching today’s matches on television will strive to play more quickly in their own matches. And over the next few years, as these young guns make their way to the pros, this issue will fade into memory like so many short shorts and aluminum racquets.

Now, if they were really serious about reducing the time between points, there’s an easy solution. Forget enforcing the time rule, which would only lead to prolonged arguments between officials and players, and instead create a new rule banning the use of towels between points. The toweling off as if they’ve just taken a shower is a compulsion more than it is a necessity. Let the players towel off on changeovers, and they can use their wrist bands, or maybe go back to wearing head bands they’re on the court.

What do you think? Are pro players taking too much time between points and, if so, what should be done about it. And what or your own opponents? Ever played a slowballer? How did you deal with it?

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