When I first saw the new QuickStart lines painted on our club’s tennis courts I was skeptical. “Are the regular lines that intimidating to kids?” I thought to myself. When I was a kid I played on regulation tennis courts, with regulation racquets and balls and it didn’t seem to bother me.

But stories like this one about a youth tennis program in North Carolina are changing my mind.

I’m not familiar with the Fayateville, NC area, but it sounds like it might not be abundant in tennis resources – such as courts. And so, what a great thing it is that a net can be setup in a school gymnasium, some lines taped on the floor, and the kids can play tennis. What an amazing thing it is that racquets, balls and nets can be donated to or purchased by every school in the U.S. and QuickStart tennis can become a part of every elementary school PE curriculum.

And when I think about it, when I was a kid I created my own QuickStart program – against the wall of my family’s home (as I’m sure many other kids did in my day). Would I have rather gone to the school and played with my classmates in the gym? You betcha.

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