Whoever filled the water cooler in the ladies locker room at Wimbledon with Vodka, give them a raise – the women are spouting off more regularly and with more gusto than Old Faithful.

First it was the top two Chinese ladies – Li Na and Jie Zheng – busting on the Chinese guys for being lazy, no good bums, and now Kim Clijsters is taking a swipe at every British tennis player, saying in so many words they are all a bunch of spoiled kids and that’s why they suck at tennis.

Is this a great Wimbledon or what?

I don’t know enough to agree or disagree with these statements, and I’ve gotta say that if these were my daughters I’d encourage them to choose their words a bit more carefully.

But as a fan, I love it.

Enough of the boring press conferences. Enough of congratulating opponents, tiptoeing around sensitive topics, retreading tired cliches about every tennis topic under the sun. I say spout off. Take a swipe here and there. Tell us what you really think.

And when your manager comes by your room and tells you to settle down or you’ll lose out on lucrative sponsorships, don’t believe her. I’ll buy whatever you’re shilling, and a bunch of others will too.

Just keep churning out the controversy.

Just don’t go racist on us, or poke fun at the mentally challenged or disabled and you’ll be just fine.

Trust me.

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