Wow, these Chinese women are tough on their male countrymen counterparts.

A few quotes from the article:

  • “The men are lazy.” – Li Na
  • “They are maybe not as strong in the mind.” – Li Na
  • “Asian men are not too tall and not too strong so they probably need to work harder.” – Jie Zheng

Nice words of encouragement.

Perhaps this is a purposeful attempt by the Chinese Tennis establishment to embarrass the Chinese male tennis players into improving their performance on the pro circuit. If that’s the case, it seems like a low blow to me though. Sort of like a parent instructing a child who is getting good grades to taunt the other child for not doing as well.

Then again, maybe the Chinese women are simply succumbing to the effects of bigheaditis, mixed with immaturity and a lack of public relations training. Throw in a dash of female inferiority complex (an understandable if unfortunate malady that affects women worldwide as a result of centuries of male dominance), and a chance to take a shot at the ostensibly under performing men is probably too tempting to pass up.

Will this be the spark that leads to a new generation of Chinese dominance in men’s professional tennis?

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