Yet Another Stupid Professional Tennis Idea

You want to know how to improve tennis ratings and popularity, I’ll tell you: Reduce the number of tournaments and lengthen the major tournaments. Grand Slams should last 3 weeks and second level events should last 2 weeks. Add lights on the courts at all of these events. I mean really, how much does it […]

Bryan Brothers Announce Retirement

Joe Shlabotnik / / CC BY-NC-SA Ok, that headline was just a teensy bit misleading. Technically, the Bryan brothers did announce their retirement though …  after the Olympics in Rio … in 2016. I’m mildly hopeful that their now definite end date will spur the major networks and the ATP to more actively promote […]

CooCoo for Coco

Thomas Hawk / Foter / CC BY-NC When I was a kid growing up in Colorado, Denver was home to one of the greatest scoring tandems in NBA history. Alex English and Kiki Vandeweghe lit up the scoreboard every game, and if I remember correctly they even finished the season ranked #1 and #2 in […]

Borrowing Money to Play on the Tour

rcarver / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA I wrote awhile back about a tennis pro who shed light on the financial difficulties players who aren’t ranked in the top 100 face. Now here’s another story that reinforces the argument and even casts the problem in a harsher light. Even saving money for a rainy day or […]

Tired of Mac’s Schtick

photoAtlas / Foter / CC BY-NC I’ve been a little under the weather this holiday season and as a result have become more intimate with the television – along with the toilet. The other day I happened to catch the end of the Powershares event in NYC. After watching Rafter dispatch of Sampras, I then […]

Are You Ready For Some Tennis?

Are You Ready For Some Tennis?pennstatelive / Foter / CC BY-NC For each of the past five years, rain delays have caused the men’s final at the US Open to be played on Monday instead of the regularly scheduled Sunday. In 2013, the men’s final will once again be played on Monday – but this […]

Who is Di Wu?

Who is Di Wu? And why should you care that he’s playing in the 2013 Australian Open? Wu is the 183rd ranked tennis player in the world, and he’s the first Chinese male to play in the main draw in Australia’s Grand Slam event. Unless you have one of those satellite services that lets you […]