How much do you practice your serve?

Everyone says, “work on your serve, work on your serve.” You come up against a great server and think to yourself, “I wish I had a serve like that.” Now and again you hit a great serve, or have a great day serving and think, “Why can’t I always serve like that?” But how often […]

Another Great YouTube Tennis Coach

In a previous post I highlighted Coach Karyl’s excellent instructional YouTube videos. Today I found another tennis coach on YouTube who also offers some great videos, specifically targeted for club players – Brent Abel (who posts his videos under the YouTube username ‘webtennis’). Brent is an over 60s champion and clearly understands the limitations adult […]

When Tennis Hands You Ugly Lemons…


Tennis is at its heart a competition. And sometimes in competition, you lose … and lose ┬ábadly. Losing sucks. It hurts. It can make you feel like you want to give up, particularly if you played particularly poorly. Of course, we all know that losing is also the basis for learning. Uh huh, right. And […]

Playing in Front of a Crowd

It’s a big match. You win this one and your USTA team wins the overall, then it’s on to Districts, and who knows, maybe even Nationals. And all you are thinking is, “Why couldn’t my match have been played while everyone else was playing too so they wouldn’t be able to watch.” Some players love […]

Pressure is Best When Self-Applied

At,┬áValery Yalouskikh writes about what motivates tennis champions and the topic is interesting because it relates directly to club players as well. Yalouskikh refers in his post to the book “Maximum Tennis” by Nick Saviano. According to the book, tennis champions are much more intrinsically motivated than they are extrinsically motivated. In other words, […]

Losing Healthy

y.caradec / Foter Serena Williams lost her first round match at the French Open and if you’re a fan of Serena, or American tennis generally, you’re certainly feeling the disappointment. And one can only imagine the disappointment Serena must be feeling. At her post match press conference, the sadness in her posture and words was […]