Penn’s Got Balls

isabisa / Foter Penn Racquet Sports Inc. has filed federal charges against Dunlop International Ltd., contesting Dunlop’s claims of being the “World’s #1 Ball”. Evidently, in some of their advertising promotions Dunlop has claimed a 70 percent market share in tennis balls – a claim that Penn disputes. When purchasing tennis balls I’m pretty much […]

Hydrate Before It’s Too Late

arbyreed / Foter Today seems like as good as a day as any to talk about hydration. With summer temperatures reaching all new highs, it’s important to remember proper hydration begins well before the match starts. Many people make the mistake of believing they must drink only while playing. The facts are you need to […]

Predicting Failure for Adidas MiCoach

Tennis Warehouse shared this video today on Facebook for a new product from Adidas called MiCoach: I’m not convinced of this product’s value, at least not from watching that video. First, I really don’t like the idea of placing a device under the sole of my shoe. Maybe I’m just the tennis equivalent of the […]

The Aggressive Baseliner

If you are an aggressive baseliner, your physical characteristics are defined by quickness, muscular strength, and endurance. You are a risk taker and a player that is willing to take chances throughout your matches. An aggressive baseliner works to develop a shot that is used and relied upon as a weapon. This shot is usually […]

All Strings Are Not Created Equal

As we approach the tennis season, it may be time to think about restringing your racquet. When considering what string is right for you, you should look at a few factors. Do you have any arm problems? Would you like more power or more control? Are you looking for more spin? Or do you just […]