Free Tennis Coaching for Kids – in the UK

Tennis for Free

I just stumbled upon this site┬áthat proposes to offer free tennis instruction for children and families throughout the UK. Now that’s what I call a really cool idea. And if I were a betting man I’d bet this is program is at least as responsible for the sudden popularity of tennis among young people in […]

The Ball is in The Guardian’s Court

Carine06 / Foter An interesting article in The Guardian claims that British girls are suddenly clamoring to tennis thanks to the inspiring efforts of a couple of professional British tennis women. According to the article, participation in tennis among UK teenage girls has increased 17% this year. And the author attributes this astounding growth rate […]

Gangnam Style Tennis

{e u g e n e} / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA I’m forever indebted to Jon Wertheim over at for introducing me to Gangnam Style – especially as it relates to tennis. Forever more I’ll consider my life as split into two parts – before Gangnam Style and now completely full. Next time you […]

Tennis, Chinese Style

In America we tend to view roads as belonging to motorized vehicles – cars, motorcycles, maybe the occasional scooter – that sort of thing. Sure, we’ll cross a road now and again on foot to get from one sidewalk to another, but for the most part we try to stay off of them unless we’re […]

Coming to America: Blind Tennis

This falls into the “What will they think of next?” category. An organization called Tennis Serves is introducing and promoting tennis for the blind here in the U.S. The non-profit organization’s founder, Sejal Vallabh, a 17-year-old high school junior, was introduced to blind tennis while interning in Japan. The sport was essentially invented by another high schooler, Miyoshi […]

Another Great YouTube Tennis Coach

In a previous post I highlighted Coach Karyl’s excellent instructional YouTube videos. Today I found another tennis coach on YouTube who also offers some great videos, specifically targeted for club players – Brent Abel (who posts his videos under the YouTube username ‘webtennis’). Brent is an over 60s champion and clearly understands the limitations adult […]