Still No Cure for Tennis Elbow

micah.woods / / CC BY-NC-SA A recent study found that patients suffering from tennis elbow experienced approximately the same levels of non-relief after 12 weeks when injected with steroids, platelets and saline solution. What does that mean exactly? Nothing really worked to decrease the pain. Some doctors are saying the timeframe of the study […]

Reflecting Your Love of the Game

I love antique stores. Yes, even though I’m a dude. One of the things I love looking for in all the booths are old tennis racquets. They aren’t difficult to find either. Depending on the size of the store I’ll find anywhere from three to 20 racquets on any given trip. Even though I really […]

A Great “Angle” for Self Promotion

PowerAngle LLC recently announced a partnership with the Safe Passage Tennis Program in Southern California. What’s PowerAngle LLC? Evidently it’s the “only manufacturer of patented, diagonally-strung tennis rackets” that are “the healthiest for a player’s arm, as PowerAngle’s equal-length diagonal strings reduce vibration by 40% compared to conventionally-strung rackets”. And what is the Safe Passage […]

Tennis Court Lightshow

While recovering from a bought of turkey and mashed potato overdose, I’ve been taking it easy and watching tennis-related YouTube videos. Below is one of the coolest ones I ran across. Note: this was filmed on an actual honest-to-goodness tennis court.

Gifts for the Tennis Player

kate e. did / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA Gift shopping for a tennis player is tough for a non-tennis player. I’ve received numerous well-intentioned gifts over the years that, to put it plainly, could best be described as bizarre. Tennis-themed pens, clocks, coffee mugs – you name it. It’s as if my friends think that […]

Hitting with Legends

Many of us will get out on the courts and hit today to try to work off some of that turkey and stuffing. How cool though would it be to get out on the court and warmup with Courier, Sampras, Agassi and Rafter? That’s what Steve Tignor, Executive Editor of Tennis Magazine and Concrete Elbow […]