Building the Tennis Club of the Future

When politicians talked about rebuilding American infrastructure I didn’t know they were talking about tennis. While two or three or even 10 data points does not a trend make, I’ve noticed an increasing number of stories of new tennis facilities – either already built or in the works – in the news lately. The most […]

Huge Tennis Facility To Open in Colorado

Good news for Colorado tennis players (of which I am one 🙂 ). The Rocky Mountain Tennis Center will feature 25 courts, eight clay courts. The $12 million private club is being built in Louisville, part way between Denver and Boulder. Interestingly if you read my previous post, former pro player Alexandra Stevenson is the club’s […]

Tennis Clubs = Pastures?

I have a hunch. My hunch is that many of us club players might be unknowingly playing and practicing on courts adjacent to former touring tennis pros. No, I don’t think Sampras and Agassi are dressing up in disguises to play at the club. But what if the guy or girl who was ranked #173 […]

The High Cost of Court Repair

cdsessums / Foter / CC BY-SA Some public tennis courts in Brooklyn, 15 to be exact, desperately need repairs – and according to the councilman who represents the area, the cost to repair these courts is $3.75 MILLION. Can that possibly be correct? Does it really cost that much to repair 15 tennis courts? My […]

Hooray for More Tennis Courts

Garen M. / Foter / CC BY-NC In Louisville, Colo., just outside of Boulder, plans are in place to build a new tennis club with 25 courts – 14 of which will be indoor courts. In Columbus, Neb. they just celebrated the construction of six new courts at Pawnee Park. I love reading these types […]