The Bryan Brothers
Joe Shlabotnik / / CC BY-NC-SA

Ok, that headline was just a teensy bit misleading.

Technically, the Bryan brothers did announce their retirement though …  after the Olympics in Rio … in 2016.

I’m mildly hopeful that their now definite end date will spur the major networks and the ATP to more actively promote the doubles game over the next three years to try to build up a following while these giant stars are still playing. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are slim and none. More likely we won’t hear much about doubles, or the Bryan brothers, again until approximately two weeks prior to the Rio Olympics – then we’ll get a heaping helping of emotional montages and heartfelt stories.

And the doubles game – a game that the vast majority of club players play, and would love to watch the pros play – will continue to languish in obscurity.


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