Yet Another Stupid Professional Tennis Idea

You want to know how to improve tennis ratings and popularity, I’ll tell you: Reduce the number of tournaments and lengthen the major tournaments. Grand Slams should last 3 weeks and second level events should last 2 weeks. Add lights on the courts at all of these events. I mean really, how much does it […]

Two Sports That Create Good Tennis Players

Lcrward / / CC BY-ND In my previous post I proposed that throwing a football as a kid might lead to a weak tennis serve as an adult. There are two other sports, however, that kids play every day and might actually help to improve their serves and overall tennis games as adults. Those […]

Football Is Ruining Your Serve

PittCaleb / / CC BY-NC-ND If you’re a boy who likes playing sports and you grew up in the U.S. you probably played football. Even if you didn’t play on an organized team, you probably threw a ball around with your dad and played a game of touch now and then with your friends. […]

A Cold One After the Match

estherase / / CC BY-NC-SA Us club players often like to enjoy an ice cold beer in the lounge after a long match. But if we’re to believe the pros, what we really should be enjoying is an ice cold bath. That’s right. Dipping into a vat of icy water is all the rage […]

Bryan Brothers Announce Retirement

Joe Shlabotnik / / CC BY-NC-SA Ok, that headline was just a teensy bit misleading. Technically, the Bryan brothers did announce their retirement though …  after the Olympics in Rio … in 2016. I’m mildly hopeful that their now definite end date will spur the major networks and the ATP to more actively promote […]

Still No Cure for Tennis Elbow

micah.woods / / CC BY-NC-SA A recent study found that patients suffering from tennis elbow experienced approximately the same levels of non-relief after 12 weeks when injected with steroids, platelets and saline solution. What does that mean exactly? Nothing really worked to decrease the pain. Some doctors are saying the timeframe of the study […]