The Trouble With Grass Today

Currently we are in what is considered the “grass court season”. Ever since Andre Agassi captured the Wimbledon crown in 1992 people have been asking how baseline players have been able to succeed on grass courts. This debate has resurfaced with the success of Raphael Nadal over the last few years. Typically clay court specialist […]

Hydrate Before It’s Too Late

arbyreed / Foter Today seems like as good as a day as any to talk about hydration. With summer temperatures reaching all new highs, it’s important to remember proper hydration begins well before the match starts. Many people make the mistake of believing they must drink only while playing. The facts are you need to […]

Uncoil Your Service Return

Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games / Foter The return of service is a shot most people don’t spend a lot of time practicing, yet is extremely important. It’s very difficult to win a set, singles or doubles, without breaking your opponent at least once. If you have a strong serve and hold it routinely, you […]