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For each of the past five years, rain delays have caused the men’s final at the US Open to be played on Monday instead of the regularly scheduled Sunday. In 2013, the men’s final will once again be played on Monday – but this time it won’t be because of rain delays.

The USTA recently announced the one-year-trial schedule change, and everyone seems to have an opinion about it.

Without knowing everything that goes into scheduling a major tournament, I’d side with those who think that rather than move the men’s final to Monday the USTA should instead push the tournament start day ahead one day. Having said that, I’m willing to give USTA execs the benefit of the doubt and I imagine there are several good reasons why that might not be feasible.

Either way, DVR is everyone’s friend these days and in the U.S. at least it’s unlikely us tennis fans will have to worry about a co-worker giving away any results before we leave for the day. I for one plan to record it and enjoy the ability to fast forward through the commercial breaks.

And who knows, the final might catch the attention of some football fans who are flipping through the channels looking for MNF pre-game shows. Whereas the match formerly competed with the afternoon NFL game on Sundays, it might now serve as a lead-in into the big Monday night game. And sports fans being sports fans, if the final is exciting this move might actually draw more to the sport.

We can always hope 🙂

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