When politicians talked about rebuilding American infrastructure I didn’t know they were talking about tennis.

While two or three or even 10 data points does not a trend make, I’ve noticed an increasing number of stories of new tennis facilities – either already built or in the works – in the news lately. The most recent being this modern new facility in Oregon.

It would seem that many tennis facilities that are still in use today we’re built during the great American tennis boom in the late 70’s and early 80’s. But after 30-40 years of use, these facilities are showing their age and new facilities are popping up to attract (steal) some of their members who might like a fresher atmosphere.

I’ve witnessed this first hand, as my club was recently purchased by a corporation, which summarily sold the older facility in favor of a brand new, more modern abode.

There can be good and bad to this, of course, In my case, while the modern facility is much nicer in many ways, it would be fair to say that many of the members feel we lost a little bit of the familial feel of the older place. Still, progress should not be stopped, and newer and nicer facilities are bound to attract much needed new blood to the sport.

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