Reflecting Your Love of the Game

I love antique stores. Yes, even though I’m a dude. One of the things I love looking for in all the booths are old tennis racquets. They aren’t difficult to find either. Depending on the size of the store I’ll find anywhere from three to 20 racquets on any given trip. Even though I really […]

Borrowing Money to Play on the Tour

rcarver / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA I wrote awhile back about a tennis pro who shed light on the financial difficulties players who aren’t ranked in the top 100 face. Now here’s another story that reinforces the argument and even casts the problem in a harsher light. Even saving money for a rainy day or […]

Tired of Mac’s Schtick

photoAtlas / Foter / CC BY-NC I’ve been a little under the weather this holiday season and as a result have become more intimate with the television – along with the toilet. The other day I happened to catch the end of the Powershares event in NYC. After watching Rafter dispatch of Sampras, I then […]

Building the Tennis Club of the Future

When politicians talked about rebuilding American infrastructure I didn’t know they were talking about tennis. While two or three or even 10 data points does not a trend make, I’ve noticed an increasing number of stories of new tennis facilities – either already built or in the works – in the news lately. The most […]

Are You Ready For Some Tennis?

Are You Ready For Some Tennis?pennstatelive / Foter / CC BY-NC For each of the past five years, rain delays have caused the men’s final at the US Open to be played on Monday instead of the regularly scheduled Sunday. In 2013, the men’s final will once again be played on Monday – but this […]

Who is Di Wu?

Who is Di Wu? And why should you care that he’s playing in the 2013 Australian Open? Wu is the 183rd ranked tennis player in the world, and he’s the first Chinese male to play in the main draw in Australia’s Grand Slam event. Unless you have one of those satellite services that lets you […]

Coming Around to QuickStart Tennis

When I first saw the new QuickStart lines painted on our club’s tennis courts I was skeptical. “Are the regular lines that intimidating to kids?” I thought to myself. When I was a kid I played on regulation tennis courts, with regulation racquets and balls and it didn’t seem to bother me. But stories like […]