Gangnam Style Tennis

{e u g e n e} / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA I’m forever indebted to Jon Wertheim over at for introducing me to Gangnam Style – especially as it relates to tennis. Forever more I’ll consider my life as split into two parts – before Gangnam Style and now completely full. Next time you […]

Brian Baker’s 2012 Year in Review

He came out of nowhere and captured the hearts of American tennis fans. But now that Brian Baker’s miracle year of 2012 is nearly behind him, what can we surmise about his future? As of this writing, Baker is ranked 62 in the world, down a couple of points from his high of 60. A […]

Tennis, Chinese Style

In America we tend to view roads as belonging to motorized vehicles – cars, motorcycles, maybe the occasional scooter – that sort of thing. Sure, we’ll cross a road now and again on foot to get from one sidewalk to another, but for the most part we try to stay off of them unless we’re […]