Coming to America: Blind Tennis

This falls into the “What will they think of next?” category. An organization called Tennis Serves is introducing and promoting tennis for the blind here in the U.S. The non-profit organization’s founder, Sejal Vallabh, a 17-year-old high school junior, was introduced to blind tennis while interning in Japan. The sport was essentially invented by another high schooler, Miyoshi […]

The High Cost of Court Repair

cdsessums / Foter / CC BY-SA Some public tennis courts in Brooklyn, 15 to be exact, desperately need repairs – and according to the councilman who represents the area, the cost to repair these courts is $3.75 MILLION. Can that possibly be correct? Does it really cost that much to repair 15 tennis courts? My […]

Another Great YouTube Tennis Coach

In a previous post I highlighted Coach Karyl’s excellent instructional YouTube videos. Today I found another tennis coach on YouTube who also offers some great videos, specifically targeted for club players – Brent Abel (who posts his videos under the YouTube username ‘webtennis’). Brent is an over 60s champion and clearly understands the limitations adult […]

When Tennis Hands You Ugly Lemons…


Tennis is at its heart a competition. And sometimes in competition, you lose … and lose ┬ábadly. Losing sucks. It hurts. It can make you feel like you want to give up, particularly if you played particularly poorly. Of course, we all know that losing is also the basis for learning. Uh huh, right. And […]

Playing in Front of a Crowd

It’s a big match. You win this one and your USTA team wins the overall, then it’s on to Districts, and who knows, maybe even Nationals. And all you are thinking is, “Why couldn’t my match have been played while everyone else was playing too so they wouldn’t be able to watch.” Some players love […]

Lucky, Lucky Binghamtonians

Or would that be Binghamers? Or Binghamites? Whatever you call the residents of Bingham, NY, I wouldn’t mind being one of them right now as the local Levine, Gouldin & Thompson Challenger tournament is calling for volunteers. For adults, just six hours of volunteer work will earn you a tournament pass. Ok, the pass only […]