The Strange Case of the TennisLink Avatar

TennisLink is missing the social in social networksylvrilyn / Foter I need to begin by saying I really appreciate the effort the USTA has put into the TennisLink Web site. Though my experience is limited, I have to imagine that TennisLink is one of the better league and tournament tracking Web sites for any sport […]

The Aggressive Baseliner

If you are an aggressive baseliner, your physical characteristics are defined by quickness, muscular strength, and endurance. You are a risk taker and a player that is willing to take chances throughout your matches. An aggressive baseliner works to develop a shot that is used and relied upon as a weapon. This shot is usually […]

Scientists Say Grunting Equals Cheating

I wrote recently about a WTA meeting in which the organization’s leaders vowed to take action to reduce grunting in the professional women’s game. Now researchers have published a study that makes a scientific case grunting is equivalent to cheating – or at the very least an unfair advantage. Ok, astute readers will note that […]